Q.Will it help me to speak confidently in public?

    In order to speak confidently in public, you need practice and experience.
In the Toastmasters clubs, we provide you with opportunities to speak in front of other members. There’s no instructor, but members give you helpful feedback. By participating in Toastmasters, you can hone your public speaking skills at your own pace.!

Q.How do I learn when I become a member?

   A.When you become a member, you will be given lighter roles like meeting helper at first, followed by more challenging roles. Whatever role you take in a meeting, you will have the chance to speak. Prepared speeches are delivered through the Toastmasters manual in which each project has distinct objectives. The projects are designed to have more advanced objectives as you progress. Also, in Toastmasters clubs, a mentor is assigned to you once you become a member in order to assist your launch as a member.

Q.I am not good at speaking Japanese, but could I join ?

   A.Why not? Please do not worry. Some of our members are from overseas. The educational advisor in our club will arrange your program pace so that you can make progress in your best way. For example, it is possible to attend the English session as a speaker and the Japanese session as a listener. You may improve your speech skills in English and at the same time you get used to listening to speeches in Japanese.



■question [S. Shiraishi]

Good afternoon.
This is Shiraishi, a member of Saitama club.
I took some pictures of your members at the district convention.
A porblem is that I can not find a way to contact your club member.
If any one of you is interested in seeing some, pleae let me know.
Best regards, Shiraishi, 白石



今後の例会日程 / Schedule

第二集会室:2nd meeting room

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/1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month
10:00~12:00 AM
赤羽会館 /JR京浜東北線 埼京線 赤羽駅から徒歩5分
Akabane Kaikan/ JR Akabane Sta about 5 minutes walk
北とぴあ /JR京浜東北線・東京メトロ南北線 王子駅から徒歩2分
Hokutopia/ JR or Tokyo Metro Oji Station, about 2 minutes walk